Onno Donkers graduated as an interior-designer from the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands in 1999. In 2000 he moved to Rotterdam where he started his own design company. In the beginning of his career Donkers worked for a.o. Ulf Moritz and at werkplaats Vincent de Rijk where he made models for a.o. MVRDV and OMA. He also worked on projects for Vitra and Kreo at Jongeriuslab.


After having designed the interior for restaurant ‘Proef’ of Marije Vogelzang and Piet Hekker, Donkers further specialized in spot-on interior and furniture design.


Donkers’ designs are distuinguished by their high functionality, surprising use of materials and fair construction. He has a keen eye for proportion, detail and the use of colour in combination with materials. His designs radiate simplicity and atmosphere.


Besides a designer, Donkers is also a maker. Knowlegde of materials and “knowing how to make things” contribute to a good design according to Donkers. Also working with real materials, (scale)-models and mock-up setups makes the difference. That way you can react directly to what you are doing. Donkers wants to find the very essence of what the piece of furniture or the interior must be.


Still from a promotion-film for Schiedam shot by Sami El Hassani.